Ham-radio software
by Giuliano Artico I3LGP
Copyright 1994-2013 Giuliano Artico
Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Padova
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Here are few old programs of mine which are in some way related to my interest in radio communications.
BTB 2.03
"Self-extracting" basic files. The program converts binary files into six-bit format GW-Basic programs. Files produced by BTB incorporate a small self-extracting routine which rebuilds the originary binary file, with local and global check sum control.
QTH 2.2
Calculation of QRB and QTF, conversion between locator and geographic coordinates. The way of entering data is particularly simple and versatile. The program may exchange (get and store) geographic information with a locations data base: updating this data base is easy, because it is an ASCII text file.
A "TV-sat browser". Provides information to locate geo-stationary satellites from any point of the earth surface; it handles two data base files, both in ASCII text format, with satellites and locations information respectively. Interactive operations are fast and intuitive.

Please, send an acknowledgement (via E-mail or with a postcard) in case you have tested one of the above programs. Any comment or suggestion is welcome.

Distribution and use license

The software listed above may be freely used, copied and distributed. However, the following conditions must be observed: Obviously, the above norms apply also when a piece of software is included in another software package or when it is supplied with a product of any kind: one or more files may be provided in uncompressed form, but the original compressed RAR archive must ALWAYS be supplied in the distribution. Any person or company, interested to include the software in their products, must simply send an acknowledgement to the author, either via letter or via E-mail.

Software autenticity

Please, check the autenticity of archives!
Starting on November 1996, all archives are compressed with RAR and equipped with the following autenticity validation string:
Giuliano Artico, Dip. di Matematica P.A. - Padova
Earlier versions (until June 1996) archives are packed with LHA 2.13. For these files, CRC values computed with Validate 2.0 by McAfee Associates are provided: see the file leggimi.crc (short introduction in Italian). In this file, each line contains the values computed for an executable file. To confirm that a program file has not been tampered with, run the Validate program and then record the validation data produced. Compare this data against the statistics stored in LEGGIMI.CRC. If the information matches, most likely the program has not been modified.
Notice that, for programs dated before May 1995, the validation data are computed with VALIDATE.COM ver 0.4.


The software is distributed "as is". No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied. You use at your own risk. The author and his Department will not be liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss while using or misusing this software.
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