CTT - Compare Tree&Text for Windows
(C) 1991-2024 Giuliano Artico


ctt.exe is a command-line utility designed to compare one or more files contained in a given directory with files contained in a target directory. The program runs in console mode under any version of Windows XP/Win7/Win10 and later, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

The program supports two operative modes as follows.

Tree compare mode or «Tree Mode» for short
Purpose: quickly compare files in a directory and its subdirectories and delete some of them with certain criteria if desired, e.g. to check/purge a backup.
This mode emulates the excellent MS-DOS program CompTree 1.81 by Allan Hoiberg (Denmark) and may be considered as a port of it to Windows system with few enhancements. All options, errorlevel codes and beep tones of CompTree are supported with the same meaning.
In Tree Mode, CTT can also calculate the coherence between the compared files and optionally record the details of the coincidences and discrepancies for the file pairs that give comparison error.
Text compare mode or «Text Mode» for short
Purpose: compare a single source file with a target file by lines or by blocks and display differences. Here the behavior is interactive.
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the latest official version of CTT is 1.10.

Before downloading the program, it is necessary to read the license.

The program is distributed as a ZIP compressed archive.
After unpacking the archive, follow the instructions contained in the enclosed manual.

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