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License for distribution and use
The MTS program may be used, copied and distributed free of charge, provided that ALL the conditions specified in this license are strictly accepted and adhered to.
  1. The software must be distributed using only the original compressed archive mts*.zip, where the asterisk indicates a number that refers to the edition of the software.
  2. The executable file mts.exe, the manual mts-en.htm and the license license.htm, contained in the original archive, must not be modified; in particular, the copyright notice must be kept.
  3. The distribution of the MTS program is permitted as long as it is absolutely free: no one is authorized to profit from the MTS program, its use or its distribution, in any form and by whatever method they are practiced.
  4. Anyone, person, company, organization, who is interested in including the MTS program or its documentation, even only partially, in one of its products is required to notify Giuliano Artico by letter or E-mail and is still bound to comply with all the rules indicated above.

Authenticity of the software

The MTS program is provided through a compressed ZIP archive.

It is recommended to use only the original compressed archive, after having ascertained its origin from the author's website:


MTS is distributed as is - if you decide to use it, you do so at your own risk.
The author declines all responsibility for any consequences attributable in any way to this software or the files attached to it. The user implicitly fully and personally assumes this responsibility when installing the program or starting to use it and will not be able to claim in any form either on the author or on subjects connected to him for damages or consequences of any kind, real or alleged, which can be directly or indirectly traced back to the use of this software.

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