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Personal data

Name:Giuliano Artico
Title:professore associato (retired)
Research Area: Topology
University: Università degli Studi di Padova
Department: Dipartimento di Matematica
E-mail: Contact form


I took my «Laurea in Matematica» at Padova University in 1973, with a score of 110 out of 110 cum laude.
I~worked at the same University first as a contractor (1974-1981), subsequently as an absistant (1981-1988). In 1988 I got a Chair of Istituzioni di Matematica (Principles of Mathematics) as an Associated Professor at the Faculty of Science of Padova University and afterward I taught courses for the degrees of Biology and Mathematics. During the Nineties my lessons have been often followed by more than three hundred students.
I~retired in January 2013.

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I am author of textbooks [1, 2, 3, 4] used in courses taught by myself and other colleagues, even in other Universities.
Throughout my teaching I have regularly prepared slides and teaching material for my lessons and supplied handouts via my Web page to the students of my classes. Even being blind, I~issued all educational materials by myself (text, formulas, figures) by means of the LaTeX document preparation system.

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My first research field dealt with spectra of prime ideals in commutative rings.
Afterwards I studied uniform spaces, in particular those equipped with a basis for the uniformity which is well-ordered.
Another important research field was the theory of hyperspaces.
In the eighties my interest was mainly devoted to fuzzy topology, expecially to the investigation of topics related to fuzzy proximity and fuzzy uniformity spaces.
My most recent research dealt with selections in non-archimedean spaces and in scattered spaces.

My scientific work in the area of General Topology was carried out in close collaboration with my colleagues Umberto Marconi and Roberto Moresco from the University of Padova and with various foreign scholars, in particular with the late Prof. Jan Pelant from the Prague Academy of Sciences (see references [6-34] below).

In the field of tecnology for people with disabilities, I produced and regularly update a free software package named ARTI2000 [5], whose features are full accessibility for visually impaired computer users, high effectiveness and easiness in use.

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I was born in 1950. I~suffer from retinitis pigmentosa, diagnosed at the age of about seven years. Vision loss occurred slowly between fourteen and eighteen. At sixteen (third class) I could still read, but with extreme difficulty. In fifth high school I could not even read newspaper headlines and in short time I lost even the perception of light.
I conducted all my studies until graduation without knowing Braille. I learned Braille later, at twenty-five, when I began the systematic study of piano.

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My piano

Since I was a child I have studied the piano, which I learned to play under the guidance of my father, Francesco Artico. He transmitted to me his great passion for classical authors, first of all Bach and Chopin, who remain for me the absolute musical points of reference. As an adult I then completed my musical studies under the guidance of the late teacher and friend Mario Dante Memo of Padua, reaching the diploma in piano as a private owner in 1982 at the Cesare Pollini Conservatory of Padova.
Read on (in Italian).

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Amateur radio activity

I achieved the Amateur Radio license in 1970 with I3LGP call-sign. I~have always cultivated an interest in the phenomena of natural propagation, particularly for those involving low-level signals in extreme conditions in the VHF band (meteor scatter, moon bounce, Aurora, E-sporadic, troposcatter, F2).

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